REBENN – Maybe I’m Psycho

Born in South Korea, REBENN is an emerging songwriter and producer who creates a style of sound that expertly fuses elements of alternative pop with electronica.

‘Maybe I’m Psycho’ is a thought-provoking song that was inspired by a heated commotion between REBENN’s parents. Lyrically, the track looks at the ways in which people will find ways to act as victims, when in fact they are often to blame for their own actions.

Complimenting REBENN’s impressive production are vocals from rising artist Deza, whose presence on the song amplifies its depth and emotional intensity.

A former member of the U.N. Peace Keeping Force, REBENN immersed himself into music after leaving the army, and has so far achieved the seal of approval from heavyweight tastemakers as noted as Cloudkid and Cakes & Eclairs,