blondfire – Age of Innocence

US-based artist blondfire has been on our radar for a good number of years, thanks to her infectiously memorable melodies, big productions and unique voice.

Today’s release of anthemic new single ‘Age of Innocence’ continues this trend, and treats listeners to an energising slice of electro-pop that is near impossible not to enjoy.

“‘Can we go back to the beginning?’ This song’s about thinking back on a time before the complexities of life and adulthood took over. Bittersweet lyrics with a majestic melody urges the listener not to lose hope. ‘Keep giving your heart away.’ It’s been a little while since I’ve had a release, as my song says, life goes on and on, but I’ve been writing and recording new material all through the pandemic.”

To date, blondfire has amassed more than 15 million cumulative streams on Spotify alone, and commands more than 80k monthly listeners on the platform.

Fans of ‘Age of Innocence’ will be pleased to know that more new music from blondfire is planned throughout this year.