New Music: Glimji

London-based Mancunian artist Glimji has been one of the most exciting discoveries of the week for us.

With an innovative yet playful approach to music-making, this talent creates rave-inspired, life-affirming sounds that are entrancing, energising and totally euphoric.

Created alongside fellow rising starlet Elphi, ‘Blush’ treats listeners to an instant boost of serotonin. While stripped back in its sonic character, this is a track that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your faces.

“‘Blush’ bottles the feeling of being love drunk in the sunshine. I wanted it to feel like sunshine on your face at a party in summer, walking into a festival arm in arm with your friends who all look really cool, or a drunk kiss on a rooftop at sunset. It’s a burst of excitement and euphoria. It’s about living in the moment and not thinking about tomorrow, being young and embracing mistakes.” – Glimji

Glimji | Elphi

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