Theo Sawyer – Get Together (Lonely)

Up-and-coming Auckland-based musician Theo Sawyer returns today with a spectacular new pop release, entitled ‘Get Together (Lonely)’.

Lyrically centred around the idea of a ‘situationship’, the song looks at the complications and emotional struggles that arise when two people find a connection, but are too afraid to commit.

“This song is inspired by the complexities that can arise in a ‘situationship’ when feelings/ emotions come into play when two people ‘only ever get together when they’re feeling lonely’. The song also sheds light on how we may resist the development of deepening feelings out of fear that we could get hurt or heartbroken again.”

Since the release of his debut only last summer (with break-up anthem ‘Forget Your Ex’), Sawyer has gone on to mark himself as a promising name to watch from New Zealand, thanks to his deeply personal yet relatable style of songwriting.

Theo Sawyer