Daimy Lotus – Friends ;)

Rotterdam-based starlet Daimy Lotus returns with an energising slice of punk-pop on her new single, ‘Friends :)’.

An anthemic and punchy number, the song narrates the story of two friends dangerously veering away from the ‘friend zone’.

It’s a situation that many of us have fallen in to, and makes the song’s lyrics relatable in a fun and playful way.

“I wrote this song in London together with Afterparty and Nova May about two years after I f***ed up my friendship with my then best friend. I never fancied him when we first met. We were even dating different people at the time. But we got closer and then we got really drunk one night and we were flirting and then boom. It was the scariest thing ever and I never thought I’d ever sleep with a friend but here we are! No matter the outcome, I feel we should go after what we want and trust our gut feeling more. So, here’s to trusting your gut feeling and f***ing up friendships! Hell yeah!”

Amassing well over 1.4 million career streams on Spotify alone, Daimy has already cemented herself as one of the Netherlands’ most promising new musical exports.

Daimy Lotus