New Music: Green Rays

Green Rays is the new indie project from acclaimed My Sad Captains singer and songwriter Ed Wallis.

Today sees the release of a self-titled debut album (out now), as well as a taster single called ‘In Between’.

Written during a time of significant change within his life, the new 8-track record offers listeners a collection of works that are sonically beautiful and lyrically emotive. Speaking on the album, Wallis explains:

“My partner and I had just had our first son and the songs I was writing reflected that in different ways. Partly practical: a lot of quiet ambient tunes composed on keys with headphones on. But it also brought an open heartedness I’d never really countenanced before, playing songs on an acoustic guitar while my foot tapping kept a baby bouncer going. We’d also decided to leave London, where we’d lived for twenty years, to find more space in the country.

Life changed even more profoundly when our second son died. I’d just handed over the finished recordings to my brother Jim to mix before it happened. And in the weeks and months after, I have to say I didn’t want anything to do with these songs.

But after some time had passed, Jim sent me a couple of mixes he’d been working on. I listened to ‘Getting Back Again’, the first song you hear on the album. The love and care in his mix picked me up off the floor. He’d used our Grandma’s old cello to create a beautiful coda, without discussion but with perfect execution, intertwining with Leon’s Fripp-esque lead lines. And it really did make me believe in the whole thing again.”

Green Rays performs at London’s iconic Servant Jazz Quarters on 2nd March – tickets can be found here

Green Rays

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