New Music: Sistir

Sistir is the musical project of Thailand-based, Irish artist Aisling McCarthy. Already an accomplished talent with extensive experience touring across Ireland, the UK and Europe, McCarthy has now focused her attention on creating ‘celestial soundscapes’ that address topics as diverse as ‘femininity, trauma, sexuality and living in emotional urgency’.

Sonically similar to artists like Anna of the North, Lykke Li and Florence and the Machine, Sistir’s music feels dreamy and ethereal, while still maintaining some pop sensibilities.

“Because I express my ideas and feelings through music, it’s difficult for me to describe. I know what I’m saying is somewhat universal. It helps me and maybe it will help someone else feeling something similar.”

Melodic new single ‘bridge’ was inspired by the situations within a relationship when one person gives too much of themselves to the other.

“The bones of this track were written when I was living in Dublin in 2017. I was in a difficult relationship, but the potential I saw in it kept me trying. I dreamed of moving away (which I had never done) and being in a harmonious relationship (also had never done!). I have since met a loving partner and am living in Thailand focusing on writing music.”


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