Baby Rose – I Won’t Tell (feat. Smino)

Photo / Allen Jiang

One of R&B’s most unique talents to have emerged in recent years has been Baby Rose.

With an ever-evolving style of music-making, this artist has consistently delivered finessed and well-constructed sounds that have been refreshingly original in tone.

Serving as a taster to Baby Rose’s upcoming ‘Through and Through’ album (out 28th April), new single ‘I Won’t Tell’ features the talents of rapper Smino, and is a tastefully eccentric slice of funky R&B that evolved from a long night of songwriting.

“‘I Won’t Tell’ is a fun record that came out of a sleepless night in LA jamming with friends. It was 4am when we started on it and with our inhibitions gone, magic surfaced that allowed us to just flow. When I began to write it out, I wanted to embrace my own chaos, my shadows. Then Smino slid into it effortlessly and that’s just what this song is, effortless.” – Baby Rose

Baby Rose | Smino