New Music: Dark Bardo

Dark Bardo is a new collaborative project consisting of acclaimed creatives Andy Baldwin and Filip Mitrovic.

As music producers, Baldwin and Mitrovic have worked on projects for global artists as prominent as Bjork, Childish Gambino and John Baptiste.

Debut single ‘Wild Thought’ features Zimbabwean-American artist Shungudzo, and immerses listeners into an eccentric and playful soundscape that feels intriguing, uplifting, and totally unique in character.

We came up with the piano riff while experimenting with dampening the strings with different pieces of cloth (t-shirts!!) to achieve a more intimate sound. This simultaneously turned the piano into a percussive instrument. Every creak, every thud, became very audible, as if coming from the belly of a beast, akin to a living organism. 

We then took that same piano riff and played it on the kitchen piano. This has a very different sound, much brighter and more open, which created “slapier”, more trebly reflections. So it became a game of going back and forth from this intimate, creaky, animal-like piano to the bright, loud, obnoxious one!

Dark Bardo

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