Pontea – Our Love

LA-based artist Pontea starts her year with a beautiful and heartfelt ballad that deserves your attention.

A classic and passionate love song to the core, ‘Our Love’ was written by Pontea as a dedication to her husband, and demonstrates the immensely powerful bond that forms between two soulmates.

“I wrote this song as a way to express the depth of my love for my husband. Our wedding day was the most special day of my life, and I wanted to create something that would always remind us of that day and the bond we share. It’s the essence of my vows in the best way I know how to communicate, through music.”

“The spoken word section is made up of poetry that I had written throughout our eight year relationship – from falling in love, to growing together as a couple, to realising that this is my person forever, and savouring the beauty of our love. It was an amazing feeling to revisit writings from years ago, to see that my feelings have not only remained, but have deepened even more since then.”

A singer and songwriter on the rise, Pontea is rapidly gaining momentum all across Southern California, and has already amassed more than 200k cumulative streams on Spotify alone.