Sad Girls Aquatics Club – Easier

Pittsburgh’s self-proclaimed ‘dramatic duo’ Sad Girls Aquatics Club (aka Marie Mashyna and Chelsea Rumbaugh) release a melodic slice of indie perfection that deserves your immediate attention.

Taken from the outfit’s upcoming LP of the same name, ‘Easier’ treats listeners to a nostalgia-tinged fusion of lo-fi indie and dreamy pop. Elaborating on the song’s concept, Mashyna & Rumbaugh explain:

“It’s meant to encapsulate the lethargy apparent in our band name; the physical slowness of being in water and the mental fatigue of chronic melancholy.”

To date, Sad Girls Aquatics Club have received praise from the likes of Obscure Sound, Clout and Glide magazines. While we wait for the release of the new LP, be sure to check out the duo’s 2018 album ‘Vodkawine’, which can be heard here.

Sad Girls Aquatics Club