Hayley Warner – Breakups Ain’t Goodbye

Hayley Warner is already one of Australia’s most promising singer-songwriters, having amassed more than 12 million career streams to date.

New single ‘Breakups Ain’t Goodbye’ was written and recorded in a humble spare room during quarantine, and presents listeners with an anthemic sound that asks the question – do breakups really have to be goodbyes?

Hayley’s life story is an inspirational one. Her childhood dreams of becoming a professional athlete were halted when she was diagnosed with a rare disease, and told that she could never walk again.

Not being someone to give up, Warner found a way to turn an old drum set into her form of physical therapy, which eventually lead her to recovery – and burgeoning music career!

Hayley performs at SXSW next month – more details can be found here.

Hayley Warner