Wild Child – Cheap Champagne

Photo / Megan Buse

For those who are unfamiliar with Wild Child, this Austin-based ensemble have been crafting indie-pop songs for a decade, consequently building a loyal army of supporters both locally and across the globe on social media.

Vivid new single ‘Cheap Champagne’ is a audible delight that really deserves to be heard in full. Through its swooping, almost cinematic style of sound, the track serves listeners with a piece of music that is epic, emotive and utterly mesmerising.

“This song has always felt special, like we had to get it right. Sometimes songs feel like they fall from the sky, like they were always there floating around above you and you just have to guide them down. Other songs are more elusive and less obvious and take years to find their form and place; where you collect little pieces of them along the way and have to be patient with them trying to put them all together.”

To date, Wild Child have accumulated more than 100 million career streams. Their next album is called ‘End of the World’, and is scheduled for release on 31st March 2023.

Wild Child