girlhouse – worth it

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a tastemaker outlet that hasn’t thrown praise at US indie artist girlhouse.

This much-hyped (and deservedly so) talent returns today with an impressive new release, entitled ‘worth it’. Sonically bold, impassioned and raw in its character, the song looks at the darker side of being in love, and its toxic effects.

“I always knew that I could be worthy of love but I had a toxic idea of what loving meant. I’d ‘fallen in love’ with someone who kept telling me I wasn’t enough and yet kept me around. They had so much control over me that even after they weren’t in my life, I still shaped my entire life around proving to them that I could be loved. This was my life up until an interaction after a show in New York that left me completely disenchanted. I don’t even recognise who I was when I was ‘in love’ with them. This song is about that moment and embodies putting words to a situation that I still don’t fully don’t understand yet.”

Fans based in America can catch girlhouse supporting Copeland on select tour dates this month – tickets can be found here.