Rich Tuorto – Thick Skin

It’s no secret that the music industry is one of the hardest for creative talents to succeed in. And while some are lucky enough to hit the mainstream in their youth, most musicians are programmed to feel that their chances of success rapidly dissolve as they become older.

American singer, songwriter and producer Rich Tuorto touches upon this issue on his melodic new single, ‘Thick Skin’.

Through its emotive blend of dreamy pop and indie, the song lays bare Tuorto’s own personal struggles, and how he found ways to overcome them.

“I often feel like I was supposed to know exactly what I wanted to be when I was 18 years old in order to have had any chance of success in this unforgiving industry. As I get older, I can’t help but hear all of these voices in my head, telling me that I missed the boat, that my time has run out, that I chose this path too late in life, and now no one is willing to listen. But when I stop and think for a minute, I realise that all of this doubt is only based on my own insecurities and there is nothing in the way of my own success except for me.”

“‘Thick Skin’ is a song for anyone that doubts themselves. That feels like they ‘don’t fit the mold’ and therefore will never be able to achieve their goals. A reminder that there is no limit to what we can achieve as long as we back ourselves, block all of the noise around us, and just unapologetically pursue our passions.”

Currently residing in Brooklyn, Tuorto is both a soloist releasing music under his own name, and is also an accomplished producer working with other artists in genres as diverse as pop, rock, R&B and country.

Rich Tuorto