Love You Later – Are You Gonna Care When I Die?

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Love You Later (aka Lexi Aviles) is back with an anthemic new release that demands your attention!

Serving as a taster to Lexi’s upcoming ‘From The Window Seat’ EP (out 5th May), ‘Are You Gonna Care When I Die?’ is a song dedicated to self-empowerment, and reminds us to embrace and celebrate ourselves for who we are.

“I wrote this song when I felt like I was drowning in rejection from the music industry, and in the real world. No-one seemed to care or listen or take me seriously. I realised that the attention from these people was not worth my time or energy, and ultimately did not define me. The song is a constant reminder to myself to regain my voice and power to tell my own story. It’s a song for anyone who feels insignificant and undermined.”

Love You Later has come a long way since her days of being rejected in the music industry. Aviles currently commands more than 65k monthly listeners on Spotify, and has garnered over eight million career streams to date.

Love You Later