New Music: Timi O

Boston-based artist Timi O’s ‘Threat’ only runs for 83 seconds, but it’s one of the most innovative and immersive pieces of music we’ve heard all week.

Distinctly unique in its concept, the song’s production pushes the boundaries of the rap genre – and in doing so, creates an exceptional sonic experience. Elaborating on the inspiration behind the track, Timi O explains:

“This song is reflective of my experience as a Black man in the US. The instrumental sets me up to portray a supervillain-like persona, but my lyrics show that I am just a man trying to beat the odds.”

While still a rising talent, Timi O has already amassed more than 850k career streams on Spotify alone. We envision big things for this musician… so be sure to keep an eye out!

Timi O

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