Dempsey Bolton – With My Thoughts

Canadian indie talent Dempsey Bolton is no stranger to the Alfitude pages, and today’s release of ‘With My Thoughts’ will give you an idea as to why we love this artist so much.

While the production for the song feels lively and fun, the lyrics look at the inner demons that can sometimes hinder us from enjoying life. Dempsey elaborates further on how the song was created:

“The production was a labour of love for me; 1 wrote the song on acoustic guitar and recorded the demo the next day, tracking the live bass, electric guitar and putting together the drum loop in a couple hours. After that, I had what ended up being a hundred or so synth and vocal parts that I eventually whittled down into the 2 choruses and 2 verses. 1 knew I wanted a B section but 1 wasn’t sure where to go. Then I stumbled onto an organ and recorded my voice in a key that was 3 steps lower, thinking I could pitch it up and have it be a fun effect I ended up keeping my scratch “doo doos” and sampling them into the tremolo’d vocal you hear in the back half of the song. The section felt so dark and vibey by then and I knew I wanted to bring the chorus back again but also have it reflect the mood so I pitched down the vocals and had 3 different textures to fatten it up. The result is probably my favourite song to date.”

And we’d have to agree with Dempsey – this is also our favourite release from the artist yet. Listeners who want to experience more of Bolton’s work can check out his brilliant debut album ‘Monochrome’ here.

Dempsey Bolton