Gal Musette – Moment

LA-based singer, songwriter and pianist Gal Musette is responsible for some of the most beautiful indie-folk sounds to have come out of California in recent months.

Musette’s new single ‘Moment’ is personal, sincere and bittersweet in tone, yet still accessible and relatable for listeners to experience. Speaking on the lyrical concept behind the song, Gal explains:

“‘Moment’ was a song I wrote one verse for seven years ago, but at some point I lost the paper with lyrics on it and over time almost completely forgot the melody. Years later when I experienced a significant personal loss, I was struggling to express my grief and fell into a crippling season of writer’s block. By a stroke of serendipity, the lyric reappeared on a folded piece of paper in my glove compartment which triggered a memory of the melody, and led full circle to my finishing the song and beginning to let go.” 

Alongside her recorded material, Gal is also an experienced performer who has played shows alongside the likes of Macy Gray, Suzanne Vega and Todd Snyder.

‘Moment’ is taken from Musette’s upcoming ‘Pendulum’ album, which is out in June.

Gal Musette