The Thing With Feathers – Can You See Me

Rising Nashville rockers The Thing With Feathers have just released their highly anticipated new EP, entitled ‘Waste My Revenge’ (available here).

One of the stand-out songs from the record is ‘Can You See Me’, which is an unapologetically bold and rousing piece of music that effortlessly blends rock with elements of indie and pop. Elaborating on the EP, vocalist David Welcsh explains:

“I think our other bodies of work are difficult to compare because I love our first record. I think that the difference is we really started to learn who we are and who we can be while we were making this EP. It was invigorating. I mean after we recorded we really haven’t been able to stop writing. It’s almost as if something just clicked during that process and now we just sort of know when something sounds like us. We’re definitely an ambitious band and we are never going to stop searching for a greater understanding of what it means to sound like us and how our sound will develop. We’re always going to be chasing the next song. This record felt like we found a cornerstone.”

The Thing With Feathers currently command more than 48k monthly Spotify listeners, and have picked up praise from outlets as noted as The Independent, Live Nation and MTVs Spankin’ New.

The Thing With Feathers