New Music: ALF

Photo / Isabella Rubin

If you’re a TikTok fan then you’ve probably come across ALF at some point recently.

With more than 188k followers (and 15m likes) on the platform, this Manchester-based talent is not only one of the UK’s most hyped emerging social media stars, but he’s also now preparing himself for a promising career in music.

Punchy new pop-rock anthem ‘Killing Me’ is an inspiring song that encourages listeners to embrace their personalities, and to live life on their own terms.

“I wrote ‘Killing Me’ after a conflict with a boy in my life. He wanted me to act a certain way, wear what he wanted me to and act how he wanted me to. I only saw the red flags when I took a step back and realised what was going on. And as much as it was “killing me” to do so, I knew I had to close the situation there and then. I originally wrote the song to just a simple metronome and intended for it to be a slow ballad but after sitting on it for a few weeks, I took it to Alex [Quinn, producer] who helped turn it into the heavily pop-rock influenced track it is today. Which I think fits the theme of the lyrics so much more.”

The track follows on from ALF’s debut single, ‘Tired of Being Nice’, which was released last November and reached the Top 10 on TikTok’s New Music UK chart.


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