Pa Sheehy – Meet Me At The Record Store

Hailing from the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, Pa Sheehy is a singer and songwriter who was formerly known as the frontman with rock group Walking On Cars.

Sheehy’s momentum grew following the release of his 2021 solo debut, ‘The Art of Disappearing’, garnering millions of streams and critical acclaim from tastemakers across the world.

The musician returns today with a new single that serves as a taster for his forthcoming ‘Lost In A ‘90s Arcade’ EP, which will be released in the summer.

Nostalgic and beautifully sentimental in tone, ‘Meet Me At The Record Store’ is a moving piece of pop that recalls the artist’s visits to his local record shop as a teenager.

“‘Meet Me At The Record Store’ is the idea of going back in time and meeting my younger self to see what he’s like. I wonder if that eureka moment hearing Bowie in that old record store never happened, who would I be?”

You can catch Sheehy on tour this month – dates and venues can be found here.

Pa Sheehy