Guess what… it’s time for your weekend anthem! Our favourite pop bop today comes courtesy of LA-based starlet REYSHA RAMI.

New single ‘PL4Y’ perfectly balances experimental electronica with mainstream pop, resulting in a sound that is infectiously catchy and hugely uplifting. Make sure you crank up the dial to full volume before you press play on this track.

“‘PL4Y’ is an anthem of owning your own sexuality and leaning into the art of playful flirting. Lyrically, it’s getting at the idea that you know someone is attracted to you and you want them to do something about it, or else you will. As I enter into a more electronic sound with mixes of industrial dance and techno house, my aim is to simply get people moving. I’m very inspired by the dance sound of the 2008-2012 era that is currently making a huge comeback, and PL4Y is the first of many electropop tracks that prescribes to the notion that life may feel really heavy, but we can escape for a few moments to disconnect and have fun.”

The song serves as a taster to RAMI’s ‘CYB3RP0P’ project, of which she says:

“I would describe the sound of CYB3RP0P as a combination of Sl*t Pop meets M.I.A. The music is created for the club and stadium scenes. You’ll hear a theme of heavy synth bass lines that drive the tracks, industrial & metallic sound design, and vocals dripping in high-attitude delivery of poetic nonsensical lyrics. If you listen to COBRAH, Slayyyter, Ashnikko, or Kim Petras, you will resonate with this project.”

With so much exciting music on the horizon, we think RAMI is one talent to watch for this year.