Dev Lemons – You Tear Me Apart

You’ve probably come across musician Dev Lemons at some point on social media. As the talent behind hugely popular TikTok account songpsych, Dev has built up a considerable following of loyal fans over the years.

New single ‘You Tear Me Apart’ is refreshingly eccentric in its approach to alt-pop, and serves listeners with an atmospheric piece of music that is rich in sonic texture. Elaborating on the song’s lyrics, Dev says:

“I wrote this song during an incredibly vulnerable point in my life. I was in a relationship that was slowly failing. This song’s instrumental captures the whimsical nostalgia of reminiscing on what made the relationship so magical in the first place, while the lyrics come face to face with the fact that things aren’t the same (‘everything is never how it starts / anything can realign the stars’). This contrast represents the feeling of me hanging on to the relationship because of how good things used to be, not how they actually were in the moment.”

To date, Dev has amassed more than ten million cumulative streams, and currently commands more than 235k monthly Spotify listeners.

Dev Lemons