New Music: Joel Porter

Every now and then, I come across a song that’s so beautifully written that it makes me feel as though I’ve escaped the world entirely for a few minutes.

This is what I experienced when I first played Joel Porter’s new single, ‘Patterns In The Badlands’.

Over a gorgeously melancholic alt-folk production, listeners can experience Porter delivering some thoughtful words on the cyclical nature of life.

“‘Badlands’ is about survival. About being in the wake and aftermath of our mistakes… but trusting that even after seemingly wasted seasons, hope still exists. Patterns of death + rebirth are all around us and, as long as we’re alive, those patterns and cycles apply to us too. Even if there’s doubt… even when we’re unsure about what comes next… ‘will the phoenix find its feathers, will the dandelions dance?’… we keep taking steps. We trust that light comes after dark. Hark the simple patterns. Carry on, carry on.”

Porter aims to create songs that explore the human mind, as well as the human’s journey on this earth. And with more than two million catalogue streams to date, its clear to see that many people resonate with this artist’s work.

Joel Porter

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