Raia Was – Tough To Love

Photo / Audrey Melton

Accomplished singer, songwriter and producer Raia Was unveils a brand new single today, entitled ‘Tough To Love’.

Through its dreamy fusion of dark-pop and indie, the track invites listeners into an atmospheric soundscape that is both emotive and intriguing in equal measures.

“This song is about being out of your depth, like a fish out of water, acting without thinking and realising you’ve hurt those around you. I’m of two minds about where this song came from – both an apology I needed to make, and a song I might be singing back to myself.”

‘Tough To Love’ is released via new music cooperative Switch Hit Records, which has been set up with the commitment of enabling artists to profit fairly from their songs.

Raia’s work has so far garnered acclaim from the likes of NYLON, All Things Go, Flaunt Magazine and Audio Femme. The musician has also amassed more than 500k cumulative Spotify streams since the release of her debut EP in 2019.

Raia Was