Love You Later – Someday, Today Will Be Long Ago

It’s a big day for alt-pop artist Love You Later (aka Lexi Aviles), who has just released a beautifully uplifting new single called ‘Someday, Today Will Be Long Ago’.

Inspired by the realisation that no one on this earth is perfect, the song serves as a reminder for us all to not be so hard on ourselves.

“I’ve made friends with the fact that I’m a messed up human – we all are. That’s how we learn from our mistakes and become better at being human in the first place. It’s okay to not have it all figured out and there’s a sense of freedom and power in the feeling of letting go. What will be, will be and there’s no sense in trying to force my life to happen the way I think it should. Writing this song was like a therapy session in of it self and I’m hoping it feels like a breath of fresh air to whoever listens.”

‘Someday, Today Will Be Long Ago’ is taken from Love You Later’s new ‘From The Window Seat’ EP (out now), which features seven deeply personal songs that were all written as a reflection of the artist’s life – and the world around her. Elaborating further on the record, Aviles explains:

“The past couple years of my life, I feel like I’ve been viewing my life from a bird’s eye view. I’ve been diving into my thoughts and my soul and self-reflecting more than ever. It’s a scary thing to do but I’ve learned more about myself. The title of the EP comes from a lyric in the chorus of ‘Girl With Headphones’ – ‘From the window seat, I feel so out of control, so I’ll be the girl with the headphones on.’ And lately, whenever I’m sitting at the window seat of a car, train, or a plane, I take a step back and think about where I’ve been and how far I’ve come. Each of these songs on the EP represent a thought or feeling I have from the window seat.”

Love You Later