New Music: Golden Vultures

If you’re looking for a heavy dose of bluesy rock then you’ve come to the right place! Swiss musical collective Golden Vultures have been around since 2021, but new single ‘Cry Wolf’ is only their second release to date.

The track makes an immediate impact from the moment you press play. It’s a bold and confident sound that addresses human’s attitudes towards wolves, and how our preconceptions are threatening their existence.

“The song is presented from the perspective of a wolf and explores how humans tend to demonise these mystical animals, viewing them as threats to be eliminated rather than as integral parts of the natural world. The lyrics touch on the ongoing debate surrounding the coexistence of humans and wolves in the Swiss Alps, questioning why a smarter solution to preserve these magnificent creatures while respecting nature and protecting farmers and their animals cannot be found.”

Golden Vultures consists of artists Yari Copt, Yannick Rinvi, Andrea Zinzi, Eveline Lucchini, Sebastian Rigo and Enea Adami. Between them all, they have performed in hundreds of live shows (some of which were alongside outfits as iconic as Papa Roach and The Misfits), and also released several studio albums.

Golden Vultures

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