Dempsey Bolton – Arizona

This weekend’s indie anthem comes courtesy of Canadian musician Dempsey Bolton, who has just released a fabulous new single called ‘Arizona’.

Uplifting and playful in its character, this nostalgic bop finds Bolton reminiscing on the worry-free days of his youth. Explaining the song further, he says:

“I often reflect on a trip I had to Arizona and how little I had to care or worry about back then. It seems like as I get older my problems get broader and higher stakes. The song is really an ode or a nod to days gone by. I think it’s also me recognising that as time goes on, my perception of youth changes and I’m left with a dichotomy to deal with of still feeling like a teenager but at the same time, knowing I have some much more to lose now.”

The track serves as a taster to Dempsey’s forthcoming self-produced sophomore album, which is scheduled for release later this summer. In the meantime, make sure you’ve listened to the artist’s previous single, ‘With My Thoughts’ here.

Dempsey Bolton