Gina Livia – hollow

German artist Gina Livia might not be a name familiar to you, but this immensely popular singer & songwriter has already amassed more than 18 million career streams from the release of just a handful of songs.

Inspired by the topic of mental health, new single ‘hollow’ layers sincere lyricism over a mellow pop production. The result is a sound that is gentle and melodic, but still feels melancholic in tone.

“‘hollow’ is a song about mental health. About how fast your mind can switch and focus on the dark. About the depth of sadness and the depth of thoughts and feelings, which control your whole thinking area. And in this thinking area you feel seen and understood in a weird unhealthy way. But ‘hollow’ is also about this urge to follow through, to not give in. ‘Cause if life is meant to go this way, I will follow.”

The song was written by Livia herself, and produced by Tez Cadey. If you’ve fallen in love with Gina’s work then be sure to check out her impressive catalogue of songs here.

Gina Livia

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