Alex Di Leo – Blue (Acoustic)

We rarely feature acoustic recordings on this site, but Alex Di Leo’s performance of ‘Blue’ is really quite sublime.

In it’s purest form, the song looks at feelings of loss, and how it only ever becomes a more prevalent emotion as we grow older.

“Lately I’ve experienced more loss in my life than I’ve been used to. From my dog, family members, to close friends and past relationships. I’m learning that unfortunately, loss is an inevitable aspect of life. This is for all of you who’ve ever lost someone or something, felt stuck or feel like you’re struggling for a breath of air. no matter how deep or rough the waters may seem at times, it’s important believe that we can always find a way out of the deep Blue.”

Di Leo’s prominence has grown across the country since his 2016 debut release, ‘So We Go’ (listen here). The artist has amassed more than five million career streams to date, and boasts a hugely loyal fanbase across social media.

The original edit of ‘Blue’ is just as beautiful, and we strongly advise you to give it a listen here.

Alex Di Leo