New Music: President Elect

Photo / dudaalbonico

One of the most exciting newcomers to emerge from the UK this week has been alt-rock outfit President Elect.

Formed in West London by twins Zak and Iggy Waller back in 2019, the band has since grown with the additions of Vincent Barulis and Jude Crook. In that time, President Elect have been steadily building momentum by releasing a series of demos and touring across the country.

Today is a particularly special day for these chaps though, as they’ve finally unveiled their official debut single, called ‘REBOUND’. Bold, punchy and confident in character, the song marks a promising start to this hugely exciting group.

“‘REBOUND’ is a song full of energy and drive, with the aim to get people singing their hearts out and dancing. We can’t wait to play it live!” – Iggy Waller, President Elect

President Elect

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