New Music: David Alexander

Choosing which song to showcase for NYC-based singer and songwriter David Alexander on Alfitude wasn’t easy. While still early in his career, this rising musician has already amassed millions of streams thanks to his universally likeable approach to pop.

‘Her’ is a relatable anthem that looks at the nostalgic feelings we experience when remembering old lovers:

“‘Her’ speaks to a feeling we are all familiar with: the longing for a past love triggered by a new fling. At first glance, the hook ‘You’re just somebody I kissed’ comes across as crude and dismissive, however, as the song unfolds the listener realises it is everything but.”

Through its energising production and sincere lyricism, this song has very quickly become one of our favourites from Alexander. With an ever-growing fanbase across social media and continued hype from tastemakers, there’s little doubt in our minds that this talent is going to become a global phenomenon very soon.

David Alexander

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