Prince Josh – The Glory

Photo / Lauren Armstrong

Regular readers might experience some deja vu with this post, as we had already featured rising Canadian musician Prince Josh (aka Josh McIntyre) earlier in the year.

Back then, we wrote about a stunning single he’d just released, called ‘The Glory (Reprise)’. Today the artist is back with a new edit of the song, which showcases a more downtempo and mellow style of sound.

She was in love

With a faded, temporary time

Holding it all with her fingers In between the lines

It was enough

It was more you could feel inside

And now she’s turning you down

The track further proves McIntyre’s natural flair for crafting exceptional pieces of atmospheric music, and offers us a glimpse into the artist’s forthcoming ‘Moth’ album (out 25th August).

If this is your first experience with Prince Josh, then be sure to check out his 2020 debut ‘The Joy’ here.

Prince Josh