darkDARK – Cult

Acclaimed American alt-pop outfit darkDARK (aka Chris James & Genevieve Vincent) are back with an impressive new single that is both sonically and lyrically powerful.

‘Cult’ is lifted from the duo’s forthcoming ‘Ghost Complex’ concept album, and delivers an atmospheric sound that feels dark and mysterious. The production mirrors the intensity of the lyricism, which addresses the emergence of ‘cult personalities’ within society.

“Delving into the depths of a thought-provoking theme, the song explores the disturbing rise of the cult of personality in our increasingly image-driven world. It sheds light on the deceptive nature of appearances, unmasking the profound emptiness that can lie behind a manipulative individual’s facade.”

To date, darkDARK’s original work has been played more than 500k times on Spotify, while their remix of Nina Simone’s ‘New World Coming’ mustered more than 1.2 million streams alone. The duo’s music has also been praised by outlets as prominent as NOISEY and NPR.