Bo Baskoro – The Lonely Nights

Photo / Shawnie Fortune

Anyone with a broken heart will appreciate this new piece of music from US-based singer, songwriter and actor Bo Baskoro.

‘The Lonely Nights’ is an emotional song that finds the Portland native contemplating over the people who we can’t stop loving – even when they treat us badly.

Complimenting the the ballad’s meaningful lyricism is its polished production, which effortlessly fuses indie with alternative pop.

“‘The Lonely Nights’ is about the frustration of knowing that even though you feel used, manipulated and lied to by the person who left you, you still love them and want them to be happy, even if it’s with the person they left you for.”

Bo continues to build momentum with each release, and currently commands more than 23k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Bo Baskoro