New Music: two kalme

One of the most impressive debut songs to come across our radars this summer has been by UK-based newcomers two kalme (aka Tobi Adenaike and Paul Runzo).

‘love?’ is a gorgeously moving piece of alternative music that feels sonically distinct and unique, but still hooks the listener in on a deeper and more personable level.

“Love is me daydreaming. I’m imagining the qualities and characteristics that I would/ should have in a relationship, I liken my reliability as the opposite to clouds, which are largely random and only exist where there is a lot of water in the atmosphere, water equating to the physical or emotional feeling = love.”

To date, the track has been streamed more than 20k times on Spotify, and found its way onto prominent outlets like BBC Introducing, Before The Data, 1Xtra Radio and DMY.

With such an original and captivating style of sound, we anticipate that this duo will very quickly become a critic’s favourite.

two kalme

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