Julianna Joy – APOLLO

Your anthem for the weekend ahead comes courtesy of US-based artist and songwriter Julianna Joy.

‘APOLLO’ is a refreshingly punchy piece of experimental pop that serves as an ode to the power of music – and its ability to unite us together through the hardest of times.

“This song is about the importance of music in our culture, especially on LGBTQ culture. Throughout the pandemic, one of the only ways I felt connected to anyone was through music. That connection music gives us is a more important outlet than i think a lot of us realise. that’s what ‘APOLLO’ is. A celebration of how we are human. Even though queerness wasn’t the main focus of this track when I first wrote it, this song for me is now about a celebration of it. Of drag queens, of the word gay, of pride.”

With more than six million career streams to date, it’s clear to see that Joy’s style of sound is loved by a significant number of listeners. You can follow the artist on all social media, as well as her own dedicated discord here.

Julianna Joy