New Music: Adam Hopper

Manchester-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Adam Hopper unveils a beautiful new single today called ‘Free To Roam’.

The gorgeously melodic song was created alongside legendary producer Rob Kirwan, who is noted for his work with global names like U2, PJ Harvey and Hozier. Elaborating on the track’s creation, Hopper explains:

“When I’m feeling like hot garbage, I find that walking in the hills with a loved one can be one of the best salves. ‘Free To Roam’ was half a song for a long time, I had the verses but was struggling for a chorus. Around the same time, I had written a silly song about my love of Sonic the Hedgehog with the chorus ‘blue, beautiful blue’. I shoehorned it in and by God it worked.”

‘Free To Roam’ is yet another stunning addition to Hopper’s already impressive roster of releases, and further showcases his natural flair for crafting indie songs that are both distinct and mesmerising.

To date, Hopper’s work has picked up praise from noted outlets like Clunk, Hive Magazine and Backseat Mafia. You can find tickets for the artist’s upcoming shows here.

Adam Hopper

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