Augustus Carroll + Fulton Lee – Baby, Don’t Go Fall in Love

Two rising Nashville talents join forces on one of the week’s most captivating soul releases.

‘Baby, Don’t Go Fall in Love’ features Augustus Carroll and Fulton Lee, and treats listeners to a melodic piece of feel-good music that is refreshingly sweet in tone.

Lyrically, the song looks at people who hop between relationships too quickly in a bid to avoid loneliness… even when their hearts are still broken from old romances.

With that said, the track is written in a way that inspires the listener to embrace self-love, and reminds us that time can be the best healer.

“I wanted to write something that felt encouraging and transparent. Being alone is a difficult thing that no one really wants to experience, but once you’re able to feel empowered on your own, it adds an entirely new dimension to your life and relationships. I think it can be a lot more fulfilling to take time to heal and become whole instead of just doing what’s comfortable. Hopefully this song can inspire us to be patient with ourselves and each other.”Augustus Carroll

Augustus CarrollFulton Lee