Eighty Ninety – The Hard Way

Photo / @mrwhite_

We first came across Eighty Ninety back in 2016, and we’re so happy to see that this American indie-pop duo have now seemingly taken over the world.

New single ‘The Hard Way’ is the outfit’s latest offering, and showcases a stripped-back style of sound that is heartfelt and sincere. On the lyricism, the duo explain:

“‘The Hard Way’ is about choosing to love someone no matter how much life intervenes. It’s about being brave enough to make the choice to completely commit to a person, no matter the risk. It’s about looking directly at all your fears about how things could go wrong and knowing that even if they all come to pass, it’s still worth it.”

As the musical project of Brooklyn brothers Abner and Harper James, Eighty Ninety has so far amassed more than 33 million catalogue streams and picked up praise from outlets as noted as Billboard, NME and Ones To Watch.

A debut album is scheduled for release later this year. In the meantime, you can follow the brothers on social media here.

Eighty Ninety