Skye Wallace – Tough Kid

One of the most impressive releases of the week comes courtesy of Canadian artist Skye Wallace, whose new single ‘Tough Kid’ is a masterclass in alternative music.

Despite the track’s dark (and almost sinister) style of production, its lyrics encourage us to let go of our fears and inhibitions – so that we can truly feel empowered.

“Before this song came to its full fruition and was still a pile of words and ideas, I had an image of this kid in my head that I was pumping up. That kid represented anyone who needed to hear it, any kid who has been told they aren’t allowed to be who they truly are, that they aren’t good enough – I wanted this song to be a reminder to them that they’ve got a power in them that they might not believe in yet. It was only when we were designing the single artwork, which involved using an old photo of me at ten years old, that I realised I had also been talking to my weird kid self. There’s a power in looking back with pride and care for the kid you were.” 

‘Tough Kid’ is Wallace’s first foray into producing, and was co-created alongside collaborator Hawksley Workman.

Having already garnered support from outlets like CBC, Sad Mag and Globe & Mail, we anticipate that Wallace’s ascent to global stardom will be imminent!

Skye Wallace