Death Valley Dreams – Leave Me Alone (feat. Brandon Yeagley)

One of the catchiest songs released today comes courtesy of synth-rock outfit Death Valley Dreams, and their new Brandon Yeagley collaboration, ‘Leave Me Alone’.

Aside from its refreshingly bold and energising style of production, this song’s anthemic melody is certain to stick in your minds all day. Explaining the track’s creation, vocalist Nick Coyle says:

“Originally we had a certain a singer with a higher voice of a well know band from the UK in mind for this song. When that ended up falling through, I thought who do I know whose voice would fit what we were hearing? Instantly I thought of my old friend Brandon Yeagley of Crobot. I called him up and he came down to my home studio and absolutely killed it.”

Having already found its way onto editorial Apple Music playlists, it seems likely that this will be one of the most prominent rock releases of the weekend – and we’re not surprised!

Death Valley Dreams | Brandon Yeagley