Memory Of Jane – Space Jumps

Photo / Polocho

British-French producer and multi-instrumentalist Memory of Jane (aka Mailë Doremus-Cook) returns with a beautiful new single that is both emotive and experimental in style.

Alongside its refreshingly distinctive production, ‘Space Jumps’ also delivers powerful lyricism that centres around themes of alienation.

“I wrote ‘Space Jumps’ in my second year living in London; it’s about wanting to break out of repetitive cycles and to explore new places and feelings. It’s also about growing up and feeling alienated. I spent most of my childhood in the countryside in France and it was there that my love for music came about, but I realised how hard it would be to pursue a career doing what I love if I were to stay there. Being half English, I never felt quite at home in France, so I took a leap of faith and moved to London with my family, which enabled me to deepen my understanding of music and polish my sound. Moving to a new place had a very positive impact on me, but it didn’t remove that feeling of alienation, which I now realise is a big part of me. I will never stop moving, exploring and taking leaps of faith, because it’s in those movements that I really feel at home.”

The track was created alongside noted producer Oli Bayson, who is also known for working with the likes of School Girlfriend, Kelly Lee Owens and Yune Pinku.

Having sold-out his debut show in London earlier this year, while also being compared to the likes of The xx and James Blake, we believe that Memory of Jane will be an artist to watch for in 2024.

Memory Of Jane