All Day Breakfast Cafe – Adrenaline Rush 

If you’re in the mood for some blissful vibes today then we’ve got the perfect track for you.

Adrenaline Rush’ is by South London collective All Day Breakfast Cafe, and it’s probably one of the best disco-inspired singles that we’ve come across so far this year.

The song treats listeners to an energising production that feels uplifting and joyful, while the lyrics encourage us all to try and enjoy life as best as we can.

“‘Adrenaline Rush’ is about that moment of exhilaration. You might feel it when you’re on the dance floor, when you do something new that challenges you or you do anything thrilling. This is your theme tune for that feeling and your reminder to do something that excites you… regularly! The whole EP is a tribute to female friendships and queer joy.” – Jelly Cleaver, All Day Breakfast Cafe

The group’s new EP, called ‘Have You Seen This Queen?’ is out now, and was funded by the PRS Foundation, as well as Ronnie Scott’s Foundation and the band’s very own fans through a GoFundMe campaign.

All Day Breakfast Cafe