margø – crawl

Despite its sinister title, ‘crawl’ by Canada-based starlet margø is a pop banger that we’ve been hooked on all day.

Inspired by jealous partners who somehow find ways to manipulate their lovers, the song balances honest lyricism with an energising production. Explaining the song further, margø says:

“Inspired by toxic relationships with manipulative partners, ‘crawl’ is a vulnerable yet sassy take on succumbing to intrusive thoughts caused by jealousy. I’ve unfortunately been involved with people who thrived on creating a jealous environment – it was almost like they took pleasure from hurting me with the possibility of being unfaithful. This song was written from the perspective of being consumed by the jealous and fearful thoughts as a result of being gaslit – and it felt like therapy to fully acknowledge the pain and damage that can be caused by mind games from a toxic partner. I hope this song reminds listeners to never accept anything other than what they deserve when it comes to a relationship – it isn’t worth it to chase after someone who makes you feel any less than the incredible and worthy person you are.”

With more than 350k monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as millions of career streams gained, it seems imminent that this artist will become a global pop star in 2024.