Aaron Smith – Giving Up

“This is for everyone who’s ever had to try and get over someone. I hope you love it.”

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith – Unconditional

A hauntingly beautiful and emotive track which feels dark and solitary, but still relatable.

“When I wrote ‘Unconditional’ it was a time where I was away from my loved ones constantly and it was quite hard. It was kind of my letter to them saying that I’m okay and that we are still close. I’ve always been very close with family so not seeing them was quite tough.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘For My Father’ which is out now via Platoon.

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith – Brother

A fragile yet utterly mesmerising release from Aaron Smith.

“Brother is a song about addiction. It is based on a story that I had been told and felt I could relate parts of that story back to myself and some of the struggles myself and loved ones may have faced over the years. Addiction is a scary topic that can affect anyone in any walk of life, whether it is drugs, alcohol or anything else – it feels like a bit of a taboo subject but is something I feel strongly about and felt I wanted to address. It can consume peoples minds to the point of no return.”

Aaron Smith

New Music: Aaron Smith

“Better Than You Loved Me’ is about taking the lack of love from one relationship and turning it around. Whether it’s a relationship between friends, family or a couple, is open to interpretation. The point is that the love you longed for from someone that wasn’t reciprocated can make you appreciate love more and give that to someone else.”

Aaron Smith