Abhi The Nomad – Extra Life

With a supreme blend of indie-pop, funk and hip-hop, ‘Extra Life’ is one of those songs that serves as an immediate ear-worm to any listener.

Abhi The Nomad has been building a solid fanbase for a good while now. The Indian-born, Texas-based rapper & singer now commands a core audience of one million monthly listeners and thousands of ticket buyers who have fallen in love with his unique style of music-making.

Taken from the new album ‘Abhi Vs. The Universe’ which is out now.

Abhi The Nomad

New Music: Abhi The Nomad

“Me No Evil’ is my ego dipped in the mind of a rambling drunk. A dreary yet catchy banger that speaks on alcoholism and the cycle of depression that surrounds many millennials. A melancholic guitar sample drives the track over distorted 808s and claps as I sing “My bedroom’s like a club to me, my shit banging, this bottle’s like a snub to me; noose to hang with”.

Abhi The Nomad