Adam Ragsdale – Mine

One of Oklahoma City’s finest, Adam Ragsdale returns today with a stunning slice of indie pop in the form of ‘Mine!’. Wonderfully catchy, this is a summery sound that is perfect for the upcoming season ahead of us.

“Writing this song came at a time where I began asking myself, ‘are you who/ what you want to be?’ I felt as though I was pursuing something so attractive, yet didn’t realise how empty it was until I had pushed so many people away. It’s really the people in my life that make my life better, and I quickly realised that. So, all-in-all, this song was about trying to find the love for myself enough to reign my thoughts back in, and love the people around me better. It’s really just a slap in the face to myself, telling myself I need to be better to those around me, pursuing a purpose of being a servant-leader and loving harder and better. It’s honestly an incredibly emotional song, but it definitely has a fun groove that makes it a unique track on the record.”

Adam Ragsdale