ADMT – Dream

ADMT’s latest release fuses RnB with some pretty epic soul sounds.

“Dream is about Finding something worth striving for – looking at what is happening around us and in our lives and understanding that it doesn’t have to be that way. It won’t be that way forever, because everything is temporary. We have to believe that things will get better regardless of how negative a situation can seem.”


Foreign Beggars – It’s Gonna Be Fine (feat. Dr. Syntax & ADMT)

“Matriarchy represents an energy/paradigm shift that we feel the world needs – moving away from the Patriarchy and the combative, toxic masculinity that has shaped society for generations. We worship greed, financial success, plagued with violence and lack empathy which are at the core of many of the world’s ills. The feminine energy also represents the nurturing of the self both physically and mentally and is a step in the direction of nature that so many of us are now completely disconnected from.”

Foreign Beggars